Dmitri Capyrin (Kapyrin)

Dmitri Capyrin

Dmitri Capyrin is a Russian composer who successfully combines a variety techniques, often using literary sources and motifs in his works. In several works (for example, the Sonata for Clarinet & Piano), Capyrin fluidly combines a variety of techniques, including traditional tonality, twelve-tone composition, and modality. (Zoran Minderovic,

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Dmitri Capyrin - Concerto for Guitar and String Orchestra - video

News 11.02.2019

Vladimir Gapontsev and Moscow Instrumental Capella, cond. Dmitry Matvienko. "Moscow Autumn" 09.11. 2018. Video - Andrey Besedin. Владимир Гапонцев и Московская Инструментальная Капелла, дирижер Дмитрий Матвиенко. фестиваль "Московская Осень" ...

Dmitri Capyrin - Four Postludes for Orchestra - video

News 05.12.2018

Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra, cond. Vladimir Jurowsky Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow 29.11.2018 Государственный Оркестр им. Светланова, дирижер Владимир Юровский 29.11.2018

Dmitry Capyrin - Music for Vibraphone and String Orchestra - first performance

News 14.12.2017

VladimirTerekhov and  String Orchestra "The Seasons",  Vladislav Bulakhov conductor Video from festival "Moscow Autumn" 10.11.2017 Владимир Терехов и струнный оркестр "Времена года",  Дирижер Владислав Булахов. Видео ...