House of Cards. Score and parts

ID: SM-000006222
ComposerDmitri Capyrin
PublisherDmitri Capyrin
Year of composition 1995
Genre Classical / Chamber music
Instrumentation Piano, Clarinet, Violin, Cello
Scored forQuartet
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Duration 8'22"
Difficulty Difficult
Description It's a fragile, capricious and reserved piece. It's simultaneously a construction and a living organism, a try to combine the naturally calculation with the free flow of thoughts. In a strict sense, it's not serial, but there's used a serial mode of data structure and of work methods. The whole piece grows from one kernel, which is the series consisted from four increased triads. As far as it develops, the kernel grows, including all the time the new intervals, and forms gradually stable melodically-harmonic structures, which don't stay static till the end of the piece, still vary a little all time long, so if they get renewed, and get all the time the new edges and shades.
Upload date 01.05.2009


Sheet music file
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PDF, 962.9 Kb (36 p.)


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